Golden Millet

Hulled proso millet grains were one of the first cereals cultivated by mankind. Today, they are served to countless foods in the African and Indian cuisine. Millet flour is used to bake flatbread. Millet is nourishing and easily digestible, containing up to 10% of proteins, silicic acid, iron, magnesium and is high in minerals and trace elements. Millet is gluten free and therefore often enjoyed by celiacs.

Chinese Xiaomi-millet grains are smaller in size and therefore cook faster. They are often preferred as a side dish.

Our product range of millet from certified organic agriculture includes:

  • hulled grains (Xiaomi and EU)
  • flakes
  • flour
  • instant flour
  • grits
  • puffed grains
  • husks


Teff is a tiny-grained ancient form of millet. It has been cultivated since old Egypt times with today Ethiopia being the largest producer.

Licensed from the Ethiopian government, organic teff is today also grown in European countries. Significant parts of the sales revenues from these growing projects go directly to the Ethiopian population.

Teff is characterized by its low glycaemic index. Carbohydrates are released to the human blood cycle succeedingly. Therefore, teff is excellently suitable for long-distance runners. The successful African runnning champions serve as prominent testimonial users for the exceptional grain.

People suffering form Diabetes also profit from this delayed sugar release into the blood cycle.

Teff is botanically glutenfree and an important element within a diet for celiac-disesase-suffering people or people trying to follow a glutenfree diet.
Teff flour gives exceptionally good results in breadbaking in terms of shape, taste and colour. It is therefore superior compared to other glutenfree cereals used in bakery.

We offer organic teff as:

  • flours
  • instant flours
  • flakes
  • puffed grains
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