Mueslis & Porridges




Organic Muesli for the soul

with amaranth. quinoa. chia.
Gluten free. Free from nuts.
With or without sultanas.
0.75 kg, 3.0 kg, 8 kg, 20 kg

Organic Porridge for the soul

with amaranth. chia. buckwheat.
Gluten free. Free from nuts.
Simply yummy in warm milk or
vegan soy, oat, rice drinks…
0.75 kg, 3.0 kg, 8.0 kg, 20 kg



Simply hi-value.

Only precious and innovative ingredients.
Wholefood is as basic as that.


Simply yummy. Simply free from.

Gluten free. free from nuts.
People with food intolerances deserve tasty food.


Simply unsweetened.

No added sugar. Good taste simply does not need it.
It‘s even better without.


Simply good for the environment.

No plastic. Large packs. Less waste.


Simply fair.

No matter if local farming or third world producer. Secured labor standards in fair and long-term growing projects. This is how we work.


Simply safe.

Strict controls by independent institutes.
From farm to fork. Real organic.
Food safety matters.

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