Quinoa grows in the South American Andean area. Quinoa was an essential element of the Incas´ diet and is still popular among the Andean population.

Quinoa contains more proteins than any other cereal and offers all essential amino acids. It is a rich source of lysine, which can otherwise only be found in fish and meat. Thus Quinoa is an important element of the vegetarian and vegan diet suitable as an alternative source of protein.

Quinoa has a higher content of unsaturated fats, calcium, vitamin B and iron, whereas it complies with the principles of a low-carb nutrition. Its extraordinary value is the reason why it was evaluated as equal to dried milk by the United Nations.

Quinoa contains no gluten, therefore it is an excellent substitute for other cereals for people suffering from celiac disease and wheat allergies.

Its nutritional value predestinates Quinoa for sports food. Its low-carb character complies with the contemporary view of what good nutrition should be like. It is easily digestible and suitable for kosher food and baby food.

Available as

  • grains (white, red, black, tricolor)
  • flour
  • taosted flur
  • instant flour (precooked)
  • flakes
  • Cornflakes
  • puffed grains
  • sprouts
  • bran

All products are optionally available as certifed glutenfree quality (<20 ppm). Glutenfree qualities are analysed lot-specifically.

Quinoa is available from various countries of origin: Peru, Bolivia , Ecuador, EU

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