CO₂-high pressure treatment – controlling insect risks

Organic products are not  subject to insecticide treatments during farming which makes them attractive for insects. Our patented two chamber system offers full protection against insect infestation in a 100% natural process using natural carbonic acid.

The product is being subjected to high pressure ( 15-25 bars) while oxygene is replaced by CO2. When releasing the pressure, insects, alrvae and eggs will be destroyed. This ecologically sound process is a highly efficient method to prevent insect infestation of any kind as early as possible and eliminates them with 100% effectiveness.

…making your organic food safer!

Ziegler Organic CO2 high pressure treatment fully preserves the sensoric properties of the food. It is perfectly suitable for a prophylactical treatment in product and quality assurance. From an ecological point of view, the process meets the demands of sutainable production. All CO2 used is several times as it is conveyed between the treatment chambers thus being used several times.

Ziegler Organic CO2 high pressure treatment is offered for both our own products and as a service treatment for goods supplied by other companies. You are interested in our services?

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