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Lentils, beans, peas, chickpeas, soybeans – we offer the whole world of pulses in organic quality. Discover our extensive offer meeting highest quality standards!

No other plant-based food is as rich in protein as pulses. In earlier times, pulses were the meat substitue for poorer people. In today’s era of vegetarian, vegan and sustainable diet concepts, pulses are experiencing a well-deserved comeback. According to Statista, the annual consumption of pulses per person in Germany rose from 1,6 kg in 2008709 to a level of 2.5 kg in 2016717 and this strong trend has not come to a halt so far.


Discover our wide range of pulses, which we gently process and refine.

Morevoer, pulses are rich in fibres and secondary plant elements. They are key element in many alternative prodcuts for vegan nutrition. Why not try a chickpea bread full of proteins or bake some colourful lentil breadrolls. Nutty fitness pasta in yellow, red and green colour has entered our supermarkets and gives extra value to standard side dishes. Bean flour makes your baguette crispy as you like it. Vegan spreads and healthy crackers made from pulses flour have become popular within few years time.

No matter if cooked in a stew, Indian Dal, in a salad, as falafel, vegetarian spread for your bread or as the basis for burgers – there is no limit for pulses in your kitchen. In our gluten-free mills, we produce pulses flours for you.

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