For perfect microbiology

Pathogenes like salmonella, E. Coli, Listeria occur regularly as a severe problem in seeds, grains and pulses. Our Ziegler Organic microbiological reduction elimintaes these dangerous pathogenes and significantly reduces all microbiological values thus ensuring healthy and safe food ingredients.

enterobatariaceae, coliforms and all other microbiological parameters  – our patented process in microbiological reduction reduces drastically all microbiological values in dried foods, like. e.g total plate count. At the samte time, insects, larvae or eggs which can always be contained in dried foodstuff will be killed during the process, hence being an additional step for prophylacrtical infestation control in your product.

Microbiology and pathogenes – our process guarantess product safety.

Ziegler Organic microbiological reduction – how is it done?

While being coninuously mixed and homogenized, the product is subject to an infrared process which takes several minutes in constant temperature conditions. After the thermic treatment, a metal check has to be passed for foreign matter control, then cooled down, finally packed. The process preserves all organoleptic properties of the original product and does not work with steam or chemicals, no condensates can lay down on the product surface.


How is the effectiveness of the process verified?

After every treatment, a microbiological analysis will  be done in an accredited laboratory. The comparison with the initial batch values clearly proves the effectiveness of Ziegler Organic microbiological reduction.