for sprout producers or to pack them for the do-it yourself market

vital foods – literally speaking

There is a sprouting seed for every taste. Alfalfa, kress and brokkoli sprouts are popular examples. As a sensitive raw material, all our sprouting seeds are subject to very strict approval process which ensure food safety by controlled selection of certified batches, official conformity certificates and  multi-parameter batch-specific laboratory analytics.

Ziegler Organic offers both:

Organic seeds for sprouting
Organic Sprouts, dried

About sprouting seeds

When plants start to grow out of seeds, a whole bunch of healthy nutrients is generated which only exist for the first few days of the new plant in such high concentration. Trace elements, enzymes, fibres, essential amino acids an especially vitamines to name but a few. While the fat content in the seed is reduced, the content of essential amino acids grows exponentially in this short period.


Our sprouting seeds:

Organic Alfalfa
Orgnaic Fenugreek
Organic Daikon radish seed
Orgnaic cress seed
Orgnaic mustard seed
Orgnaic Broccoli seed
Organic Lentils
Organic Peas
Organic mungbeans
Orgaic Chickpeas
Organic Mustard Seed
Organic Flaxseed
Orgaic Pumpkin kernel
Orgnanic sunflower kernel
Organic Buckwheat
Organic Brown Millet
Organic Spelt

Our dried sprouted seeds

Organic alfalfa sprouts, dried
Orgnaic brown millet sprouts, dried
Orgnaic quinoa sprouts, dried
Orgnaic buckwheat sprouts, dried
Orgnaic sunflower sprouts, dried
Orgnaic alfalfa sprouts, dried
Orgnaic alfalfa sprouts, dried


available bag sizes

consumer units private label

2,5 kg/5,0 kg · catering units
20 or 25 kg industry
750 kg Bigbags for the industry

for customized bag weights or your private label ideas – just contact us!

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