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Pseudo-cereals, pulses, seeds, rice, flakes, flours and more

As an organic wholesaler, we offer an extensive range of organic food ingredients from direct contract growing and our own dedicated processing structure.

No matter if grains, flours, instant flours, puffed cereals or toasted seeds – we develop our products based on our longtime experience and expertise in the field of grains, seeds, pulses, rice and cereals. Discover our whole organic assortment – you will be convinced by the quality of our products!

our organic products

In 20 years of company history as Europe-wide organic wholesaler in the B2B segment, we have developped a wide yet specialized product assortment which is continually enlarged. Our products are both from worldwide origin like chia seeds or basmati rice or European and German agriculture like buckwheat, millet or soybeans. We produce our gluten free flours in our own production facility run on strictly allergene-free principles. Check and find out more on in our menu file “gluten free flours”


Our products are available in 25 kg/5 kg bags or Big-Bags. Our fully automatic retail packing line produces private label consumer bags by using FSC-certified paper bags or fully recyclable plastic film – fully meeting  your sustainability requirements.


Our most popular products

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global harvests – our calendar

Different crops – different countries – different harvesting times.

Discover our global harvest calendar for organic food commodities. Harvesting weeks are subject to annual variations and mentioned periods are typical periods in the course of the year for a certain crop. Most of our products are available throughout the year from our warehouses.


Plan your purchases and avoid supply shortages! Make advantage of working with the harvesting seasons and secure the quantities required at the best possible prices!


Do you want to receive our regular crop reports to optimize your purchasing? Sign up to our newsletter now!



Do you want to receive our regular crop reports to optimize your purchasing? Sign up to our newsletter now!


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