meat alternative number 1 for vegetarians

harvest: South America  March – August, Europe September – October

farming:  100 % certified organic agriculture
origins: Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Europe
availability: crop report 2023

Quinoa farming, Puno Lake Titicaca, Peru

about quinoa

…just cook it like rice!

  • is a traditional grain-producing plant of the Andean area of South America
  •  as early as during the Inka area, quinoa granted a good nutrition to the local population no matter the otherwise poor farming and living conditions
  • gluten free
  • rich in Calcium thus helping persons allergic to lactose to avoid milk
  • the interest of Western countries in a healthy diet means a sustainable way to improve the living conditions of small-scale Andean farmers allowing them gains from fair trade
  • rich in iron, magnesium and unsaturated fatty acids
  • the united Nations grade Quinoa as equivalent to cow milk due to the Calcium content
  • has more proteins than any other grain product and is a source for all essential amino acids in the balanced proportions the human diet requires,
  • it is a source of Lysine, otherwise almost only contained in meat and fish,
  • can be cooked like rice

Quinoa is interesting for:

  • vegetarians and vegans
  • people allergic to lactose requiring a milk substitute
  • people following a low carb diet
  • sport nutrition
  • baby food
  • wheat allergics and people suffering from celiac disease
  • people who want to or must avoid gluten
  • as a side dish or as flour, flake or puffed ingredient for bakery, pasta and breakfast cereals

Our range of quinoa product comprises:

  • grains in the colours white, red, black and tricolor
  • flour
  • toasted flour
  • instant flour
  • flakes
  • puffed quinoa
  • crispy quinoa

… and as dried quinoa sprouts particularly rich in vitamines – ask our sales team!

available bag sizes

500 g · consumer units private label
2,5 kg / 5,0 kg ·catering units
25 kg industry
750 kg Bigbags for the industry

for customized bag weights or your private label ideas – just contact us!


at your disposal:

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e-mail: info@ziegler-organic.de

As a leading quinoa specialist, Ziegler Organic offers the superfood quinoa in different qualities:

Quinoa real (“royal quinoa”) is the whitest quinoa variety, has a very large grain size and grows in Altiplano in the south of Bolivia.

Quinoa from Ecuador is grown in the Chimborazo volcanic area and is characterized by a very high protein content.

Peruvian quinoa, for example from the area of Lake Titica or the Ayacucho region, has a particularly mild taste and is therefore also called “quinoa dulce” sweet quinoa.

Our tip: Ziegler organic quinoa tricolor from white, red and black quinoa varieties is ideal for salads, bowls, side dishes, roasts & sweets.

More than 20 years of personal experience with Quinoa.

As leading Quinoa specialist, Ziegler Organic offers many varieties of the superfood quinoa

  • Quinoa real (“royal Quinoa”) is grown in the altiplano of the Salt Lake of Uyuni in the South of Bolivia, it is the whitest quinoa type and has the biggest grain size
  • Quinoa from Ecuador is grown in the volcano area of Chimborazo and has a very high protein content
  • Peruvian quinoa, e.g. grown in the area of the Titicaca lake or the Ayacucho region, has a particularly mild taste and is therefore referred to as “quinoa dulce” (sweet quinoa)

picture: 2002 Señora Elena Huyllani, director of the small-scale farmers’ cooperative Assosciation de los Productores de Cultivos Organicos together with Ziegler Organic director Christof Goetz during foundation meeting of the project partnership. In Peru, Elena Huyllani is a prominent feminist acting successfully in the promotion of equality in rural areas of Peru since decades.

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