Puffed cereals

fluffy yet crispy

Puffed cereals are made from expanded grains. Cereal grains are processed within a system using steam and high pressure. A sudden release of pressure makes water disappear form the grain while transforming the starch of the grain body. the grain is expandd. Puffed cereals are excellent ingredients for all types of mueslis and granolas but can also improve the texture in bakery applications or be used in sweet and savoury kitchen.

About puffed cereals

  • puffed cereals share  similar nutritional profiles like the grains they originate from
  • helps the human body to access nutritional values of raw grains otherwise difficult to digest
  • find more information in pseudo cereals
  • easy to user in many tpyes of food

Interesting for:

  • breakfast cereals
  • bakery applications
  • sweet and savoury kitchen

Our puffed cereals:

Organic Puffed Amaranth (Peru, India, Germany)*
Organic Buckwheat puffed*
Orgnaic Millet Puffed*
Organic Quinoa Puffed*
Organic Quinoa puffed with Honey*
Organic Rice Puffed*
Organic Teff Puffed*
Organic Wheat Puffed (also possible honey-coated)
Organic Spelt Puffed (also possible honey-coated)
Organic Kamut Puffed (also possible honey-coated)

*also available in certified gluten free quality. This quality specification has to be formally agreed between seller an buyer and requires additional process steps and additional analyses

available bag sizes

consumer units private label

2,5 kg/5,0 kg · catering units
10 kg / 11 kg industry

Bigbags for the industry

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