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groRice is rich in vitamines, minerals and nutritional values. It is staple food for more than half of the world´s population. More than 8.000 rice varieties are known to be cultivated worldwide nowadays. Every single one has its own colour, taste, origin and application. Arborio is a type for risottos, jasmine and basmati represent aromatic rices, round grain types are ppopular in milk rice and puddings. Discover our world of organic rices!

The main cultivation area of rice is Asia, especially China, India and large parts of South East Asia. Northern Italy and all other Southern European countries produce rise as well as the USA and South American countries.

One of our long-term partners in organic food ingredients is the family rice mill Riseria Provera in Italy. The long tradtion of rice cultivation and processing in the Piemont area of Italy has been upheld by the family in the fourth generation. Being a pioneer in organic rice farming, Riseria provera has been contract partner for small-scale organic farmers in the regions of Vercelli, Biella, Novara and Pavia and represents both, highest rice qualities and organic transparency from farm to fork – secluded from other large areas of conventional and industrialized rice farming. The related farming areas have traditionally been planted in organic method. No wonder, the growing areas of the Provera projects have developped to a natural reserve where otherwise threatened herons have found a breeding site. Organic rice farming goes together with the protection of our endangered biodiversity as this example can illustrate.

Our whole rice assortment

Orgaic Long Grain Rice Brown
Organic Long Grain Rice White
Orgaic Semi-Long Grain Rice Brown
Organic Semi-Long Grain Rice White
Orgnaic Risotto Rice
Orgnic Basmati Rice, white
Orgamic Basmati Rice, brown
Orgamic Rice, red
Orgamic Rice, black
Organic Round Grain Rice, white (“milk rice”)
Organic Round Grain Rice, brown
Organic Aromatic Rice/Jasmine Rice , brown
Organic Aromatic Rice/Jasmine Rice , white
Organic Parboiled Rice

Rice Flours
Organic Rice Wholegrain Flour
Orgnaic White Rice Flour
Organic Rice Dwelling Flour
Organic Rice instant Flour


Organic Rice Flakes

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Organic Risotto Rice

e.g. Arborio, Carnaroli
origin: Italy, Argentinia
rojnd rice with a hogh starch content
creamy texture when cooked
perfect choice for Risotto dishes

Organic Black Rice

Origin: Italy and Cambodsha
nutty flavour
not too soft after cooking
ideal for salads

Organic Red Rice

origin: Italy and Cambodsha
long-grain type of rice
earthy flavour
not too soft and not sticky ideal as a side dish for fish, meat and vegetables

Organic Basmati Rice White

Origin: India (e.g. Taraori type), Pakistan (Super Basmati type)
a classic in aromatic rice
extra long  and  not sticky
ideal for curry dishes and Indian cuisine

Organic Basmati Rice Brown

Origin: India (e.g. Taraori type), Pakistan (Super Basmati type)
a classic in aromatic rice
extra long  and  not sticky
ideal for curry dishes and Indian cuisine

Jasmine Rice, Long Grain Rice or Round Grain Rice
Risotto rice, Basmati or Coloured Rice – Ziegler Organic offers the world of organic rice!

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