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Our customers value  Ziegler Organic´s  comprehensive range of services as an organic wholesaler. We go one step further – on top of the worldwide sourcing of organic commodities, we professionally process organic ingredients. Extra-high cleaning of pulses? Gluten-free production of flours? Toasting organic kernels? Private label consumer units in sustainable packaging material? Our state-of-the-art processing line assures best possible quality customized for your needs.

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Our production – the core of Ziegler Organic

We are your reliable loan processor and are specialised in sourcing, processing and packing of organic food ingredients with full logistic services. Our entire productionsteps are made in our production facility on our main site Wunsiedel, avoiding additional expense in time and logistics – quality, speed and flexibility result for the benefit of our customers.

We process grains, seeds, pulses and cereals from certified organic agriculture. Nop matter if grain, flur, instant flour, puffed cereals, flakes or toasted kernels – our offer always meets highest quality standard.

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the best possible technology…on-site!

All agricultural products come more or less clean from the farms. We eliminate foreign matter like stones, earth lumps, twigs etc. by a multi-aggregate cleaning procedure. Moreover, the  raw materials can contain pathogenes harmful to the human health. Organic products can be particualrly risky to be infested by insects as no insecticides are used during the farming process. Allergenes like gluten can contaminate the goods e.g. by nbeioghboring farming land or silo storage systems in the agricultural level.

Your advantage in food safety

After intensively screening our raw materials sourced from orgnaic farms, our quality management defines which processing steps will be run in our on-site facility. Stsate-of-the art machinery assures that ourt orgqnic commodities are thoroughly processed and controlled. This is how we assure quality and enables us to grasnt highest food safety levels to our customers in the B2B-markets from industry to wholesale and retail.

Multi-aggregate machine park for food safety

Microbiological reduction – for healthy food

Our proven Ziegler Organic microbiological reduction eliminates pathogenes germs harmful to the health and drastically reduces microbiological values this aaurign healthy and safe food. Microbiology and pathogenes will not bug you any more.

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CO2-high pressure treatment- your extra in food safety

Organic products, produced without the use if insecticies, attract insects to feed and to lay eggs. This is why we protect our products by CO2 treatment in our patented two chamber high pressure system. The fully natural prophylactic treatment works with 100% efficiency. Your risk for insect infestation is under control.

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Cleaning – say goodbye to foreign matter and contaminants

Our multi-aggregate cleaning machinery sorts by physical charcteristics such as shape, size, specifical weight and color. You only get what you ordered.

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Professional food processing

Once approved by our quality assurance experts and accredited exterrnal food laboratories, our orgnaic food ingredients will be processed in our production site customizedly. We use established methods in as modern as possible machinery.


Buckwhet, Sesame, Chickpeas, Sunflower Kernels and many more – you can get all these products in roasted quality, too. We will be happy to toast your own products in loand production, too

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Flour production

We are specialized in gluten free and allergene free flours. We run our own milling system with two lines mainly focussing
· flours of pseudo cereals
· flours of pulses

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Your customers want a customized blend? No matter if flakes, seeds or pulses, we can do it for you! Get inspired by our range of inredients and create your mix.

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Packaging / co-Packing

Our products are available in big bags (up to 750 kg), paper bags (20-25 kg) for industrial use. Catering needs are served with paper bags ranging from 2 kg – 10 kg.

Consumer units from 250 g  are offered with your private label – in plastic film or sustainable paper solutions.

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Private Label

Your Product – Our Know-How


You are brand owner or wholesaler looking fior a reliable certified organic producer? Proft from our know how in the areas of organic food ingredients and private label. We produce your final product and support you from product development to packaging design.

Our experts can develop cusotmized recipes for your. Moreover, we will be happy to assist you in selecting the best packaging material, calculating all necessary nutritional  data for the label and make conformity checks for your label.

You have questions about our products, delivery times or about our company?

at your disposal:

phone: +49 9232 – 9918 -80
e-mail: info@ziegler-organic.de

Organic – global and regional

Thanks to our central position in the geographical centre of Europe, we offer close transport ways europe-wide and have access to an excellent infrastructure in logistics. Profit form our epxerience in transport services for your orders.

Ziegler Organic serves companies active in organic food europe-wide

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