supergrain since ancient times

harvest time: South America: March-May; Europe: August-December, India: March-April
Farming: from 100% certified organic agriculture
Origins: EU, Peru, India, Ukraine

Amaranth from Peru

About Amaranth:

  • cultivated in South America for thousands of years
  • fine-nutty taste
  • rich in proteins (12-15%)
  • source of the essentiual amino acid lysine which is not contained in other grains
  • rich in methionine and niacine and all other essential amino acids
  • rich in fibre
  • contains mainly unsaturated fatty acids
  • particularly rich in iron, magnesium und calcium and many other vitamines, minerals and trace elements

Its high nutritional value makes amaranth an esssential food component for

  • vegetarians, vegans and allergic people in need of alternative sources of nutrients
  • people allergic to lactose in need to replace milk as source of calcium
  • suitable for a gluten free diet and people suffering from wheat allergy and celiac disease
  • baby food (low in sodium)
  • Granola and Muesli puffed amaranth gives direct access to the nutrients due to its easy digestibility and gives great taste to all recipes

Our Amaranth Range –  many choices :

● grains
● flour
● toasted flour
● instant flour
● flakes
● amaranth cornflakes
● puffed amaranth

… and more – just contact our customer service!

available bag sizes

500 g · consumer units private label
2,5 kg/5,0 kg · catering units
25 kg industry
750 kg Bigbags for the industry

for customized bag weights or your private label ideas – just contact us!


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