Teff – grain of the African running champions

excellent as flour for bread and pancakes

harvest time: July-August
farming: from 100% certified organic agriculture
origin: Europe and Africa


About Teff:

  • also known as miniature millet (botanical eragrostis tef)
  • as ancient grain, the teff plant was already cultivated in the old Egypt empire
  • Ehiopia has today the biggest teff culture worldwide and the teff consumption is widespread among Ehtiopia´s population
  • European farmers can licence teff for cultivation from the Ethiopian government taking care that the poor Ethiopian population gets a certain share  from the EU teff sales
  • the small teff grains have a particularly low glycemic index (GI) which means that the sugar from its carbohydrates are released step by step only into the human bodie´s blood cycle after eating

interesting for:

  • endurance sports – the successful African marathon runners use teff
  • also diabetics profit from the described effect of delayed sugar release in the blood cycle
  • gluten free grain alternative for wheat allergics and people suffering from celiac disease
  • teff flour is excellently suitable for breads with better results in colour, texture and taste than other gluten free grains used as a wheat flur substitute in gluten free bakery

our teff ingredients – many choices

  • teff grains
  • teff flour
  • teff flakes
  • puffed teff

available bag sizes

500 g · consumer units private label
2,5 kg/5,0 kg · catering units
25 kg industry
750 kg Bigbags for the industry

for customized bag weights or your private label ideas – just contact us!

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