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harvest time. : Turkey June / July (red and brown lentil) / August(green and yellow lentil), Europe and Canada September-November
farming: 100% certified organic agriculture
Origin: Eastern Europe, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Canada

Über Linsen:

  • one of the oldest agricultural plants of mankind
  • widespread among all cultures
  • The different lentil types show a big diversity in taste:  creamy mild or savoury, tender or more crunchy in mouthfeel
  • many types have hulled and unhulled varieties
  • hulled types are faster in cooking and easier to digest, but less stable when cooked and weaker in taste

Interesting for:

  • vegan and vegetarian diet meat substitute due to high protein content
  • soups, stews, burgers, salads, canned food, lentil flours for bakery, pasta and drinks

Our range: a world of lentils

Organic brown lentils ( Crimson type)
Organic red lentils ( football and split lentils, oil-polished or unoiled)
Organic green lentils laird
Organic yellow lentils ( football and split lentils, oil-polished or unoiled)
Organic dark speckled lentils ( similar to Du Puy type)
Organic black lentils (Beluga type)

All types are available in gluten free quality upon request

We also offer organic lentil flour in standard and gluten free qualities!

available bag sizes

500 g · consumer units private label
2,5 kg/5,0 kg · catering units
25 kg industry
750 kg Bigbags for the industry

for customized bag weights or your private label ideas – just contact us!

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tel +49 9232 – 9918 – 80
e-mail: info@ziegler-organic.de

Organic Black Lentils ( beluga type)

origin: Canada, Ukraine

  • also called caviar lentils
  • fine and nutty taste
  • solid texture
  • very high protein content
  • vitamines B1 and A
  • rich in minerals
  • exellent meat substitute
  • suitable for soups, stews,  salads and side dishes in fine cuisine

Organic Brown Lentils

“Crimson” type
origin: Turkey, italy, Canada

  • a classic in both German and mediterranean kitchen
  • creamy-earthy taste
  • greenish-yellow in colour when harvested, then brownish-red
  • tasty in soups, stews,  salads, vegan burgers and as side dishes
  • excellent in soups, stews,  salads and side dishes in fine cuisine

Organic Yellow Lentils

origin: Turkey We offer whole yellow lentils (football”) and yellow lentils split  both in oil-polished (polished with organic sunflower oil)and unoiled quality , yellow lentils are hulled green laird lentils.

  • mealy yet aromatic-savoury taste
  • rich in protein and fibre
  • easy to cook
  • creamy texture when cooked
  • used for many Indian curry dishes
  • ideal for lentil dal, salads

Organic dark speckled lentils

origin: Canada, Germany

  • intense in taste
  • soft when cooked
  • adding creamy texture to soups and stews
  • excellent for stews, soups, salads and as as side dish

Organic Green Lentils, Laird type

Origin: Turkey, Canada, Poland, Italy, Ukraine

  • large in diameter
  • nutty flavor
  • rich in vitamine E, B, and C, source of beta-carotine
  • rich in protein low in fat and high in fibre
  • for savoury dishes: soups, burgers, soufflées, side dishes, vegetable spreads

Organic Red Lentils

origin: Turkey, Italy

Red lentils are hulled brown Crimson type lentils,

they are available as whole lentils ( “football type”) or split lentils, both in oil-polished quality (using organic sunflower oil) or unoiled.

  • mild and slightly sweet taste
  • rich in protein and fibre
  • easy to cook: as they are already hulled, a soaking process before cooking is not necessary any more
  • for salads, soups, currys, soups and as flour for pasta and bakery

lentils, beans, peas , chickpeas or soybeans:
We offer a large assortment of pulses in organic quality

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