staple food since ancient times

harvest time: July – October
agriculture: 100 % certified organic agriculture
origin: EU, Eastern Europe, Canada

About Peas

  • dried peas are round and mid-sized (between lentil and bean)
  • have a mild, nutty taste
  • have to be soaked before use

Interesting for:

  • vegan and vegetarian nutrition
  • the protein content made peas popular in animal feed, peas have gained importance in human food in recent years due to the trend towards vegan diets
  • increasing importance as vegan meat raw material (pea protein-based)
  • soups, stews, soufflées, side dishes
  • pea flours can be used in bakery

Our organic peas:

Organic green whole peas
Organic green split peas, hulled
Organic yellow peas whole
Organic yellow split peas
Organic green pea flour
Organic yellow pea flour
Organic texturized pea protein

Our pea products are also available in gluten free quality.

available bag sizes

500 g · consumer units private label
2,5 kg/5,0 kg · catering units
25 kg industry
750 kg Bigbags for the industry

for customized bag weights or your private label ideas – just contact us!

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lentils, beans, peas , chickpeas or soybeans:
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