Our Focus on Food Safety: The example of Arsenic in Rice

Christof Götz
Managing Partner
Ziegler & Co. GmbH

When it comes to food safety issues, traces of heavy metals are regularly reported. Particularly frightening are findings of Arsenic in rice. But why is Arsenic a problem and how do we at Ziegler Orgnaic guarantee the safety of our food products

Arsenic is a heavy metal occurring naturally in the soil of agricultural growing areas. Ground water can transport it to the plants. As rice farming in particular requires large quantities of water, which acts as a carrier substance for arsenic. This is how significant amounts of Arsenic can be accumulated in the rice plant.

Batch-specific testings for maximum safety:

We at Ziegler Organic put highest focus in food safety. All our products are subject to a rigid quality control which rigidly monitors potentiual arsenic risks. Every batch supplied by Ziegler Organic is tested for arsenic and other heavy metals.

This is how we make sure that our cusotmers and finally the consumers can rely on the highest possible lavel of safety when enjoying our products. For us, food safety without compromise is both, promise and obligation.




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