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The 2023 crop of Italy organic rice has been available for some time, now. Long and round grain types show a more relaxed price level in comparison with the prices seen throughout 2023.

The new crop Basmati rice from India and Pakistan is now available, and now is the time to secure the best possible prices for your frame agreements.

Organic quinoa
With Peru not exporting organic quinoa to EU countries, available batches from Bolivia are being offered alternatively high but now stable price levels. The further development after the new crop arrival in mid 2024 is unclear today. We recommend buying available batches. All organic quinoa offered has necessary analytical documentation proving the full conformity with regard to findings of phosphoric acid.

Organic pumpkin kernels GWS
Organic pumpkin kernels GWS from China are practically not available, neither from origin nor as offers from European warehouses. We recommend you with our organic pumpkin kernels from EU farming. We will be pleased to send you a customized offer

Organic psyllium husk
Psyllium is a booming ingredient in latest whole food trends. Unfortunately, regular findings of pesticide residues and contaminants are reported when it comes to psyllium. Ziegler Organic offers organic psyllium husk whole and as powder from defined and traceable farming projects in India.
Extensive analytical checks offer the highest possible degree of food safety for our psyllium products. Trust our competence in sensitive food ingredients!

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