Market Report

Market Report Lentils and Chickpeas Turkey July 2022

The new harvest season for organic pulses has started in the important production zone Turkey. We can now offer the new crop 2022. Final evaluations of the quantity and quality outcome of the new crop have so far not been made officially. However, the first months after the harvest are typically the good moment for best possible prices when purchasing a crop. We still see export restrictions for pulses by the Turkish government, exportabl contingents for lentil exports are announced on a weekly basis only, currently. Principally, Turkish producers will export contracted goods, delays and ruptures in shipments will have nevertheless to be taken into account throughout the year. We are keeping Canadian brown lentils on stock to ease the effects of this situation. Chickpeas are still subject to a complete export ban, no chickpeas may leave the country. We are currently getting organic chickpea supply from Italian production and will be glad to submit our offer. Moreover, pulses from crop 2021 cannot be exported after the Turkish government claimed its right of first refusal claiming large parts of available product for domestic use.mPhosphonic acid is regularly detected in organic pulses requiring additional checks and final approval by the organic certification bodies. Please consider the extra time needed for this procedure when planning demand schedules. The EU authorities are expected to announce higher maximum values for this parameter – relief for the companies´ and certifiers´daily work. With the illustrated challenges in mind, we recommend you to cover now a basic amount of your lentils and chickpeas needs for the coming year.

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