Pulses (botanical name leguminosae) grow close to the soil, small and bush-like. The plants form capsules in which several single beans, peas, lentils or chickpeas are contained.

Being a typical crop of warmer climatic areas from Asia to the American subcontinents, pulses are frugal plants, which are an important tool in organic agricultural practice:
The growing of pulses helps to bind nitrogen, it prevents the soil from compaction – pulses actively replace chemical substances in farming.

All pulses have a valuable protein structure. Being the typical  “food of the poor” in earlier times, pulses and their proteins are essential for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles helping to replace meat.

The cooked peas and beans are used in a wide range of cooking dishes but also vegetarian burgers and falafels made from chickpeas are an essential part of the contemporary cuisine.

We offer peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, soy, lupine

Our pulses are mainly grown in Turkey, Canada, Italy, Germany, China


Organic Adzuki beans *
Organic beans black *
Organic white beans – small *
Organic white beans – medium *
Organic white beans – jumbo *
Organic Mung beans *
Organic Pinto-Borlotti beans *
Organic red Kidney beans *
Organic Soy beans black *
Organic Soy beans *


Organic green peas – split *
Organic green peas –  whole *
Organic yellow peas –  split *


Organic Chickpeas (7mm) *
Organic Chickpeas (8mm) *
Organic Chickpeas (9mm) *


Organic Lentils brown
Organic Lentils yellow –  split
Organic Lentils green LAIRD
Organic Lentils green DU PUY
Organic Whole Lentils red FOOTBALL
Organic Lentils red –  split
Organic Lentils black – BELUGA *

* Also available in gluten-free quality.
(Gluten-free demand must be mentioned by buyer on ordersheet. Gluten-free quality may be subject to additional analytical costs.)

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