Market Report June 2023

Christof Götz
Managing Partner
Ziegler & Co. GmbH

Our market report will give you insights into the current situations of organic quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, psyllium and pulses like lentils and chickpeas. We will inform you about yields and qualities of recent harvests, port and shipment situations and other important aspects which influence prices, qualities and availability of these products. Read on to profit from the essential information we provide and take the right decisions based on our recommendations.

Organic Quinoa

Is as late as now that this year’s quinoa harvest in South America has taken place and first container shipments to Europe are now leaving the ports.
Peru as the largest producer is offering practically only conventional quinoa qualities, which may lead to short availability of organic grades in the later course of the year.

We recommend you to buy our Bolivian Royal Quinoa from our long-term growing project farmers in the altiplano area of Uyuni which have always practiced organic farming.

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Organic Amaranth

The new harvest of Indian amaranth is reaching European ports these days. Peruvian amaranth from, crop 2023 is expected to arrive in Europe by the end of August.
Hi-quality Peruvian amaranth, particularly well suitable for the production of puffed amaranth due to its white color and excellent expanding behavior in puffing, is currently noted at attractive price levels which are not significantly higher than the standard quality from India.

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Organic Buckwheat Europe and China

After the harvesting season in autumn 2022, European buckwheat has relaxed strongly in price and is now only slightly higher-priced than imported Chinese buckwheat.
Due to complicated import approval procedures and resulting delays in delivery time, we clearly recommend our buyers to give preference to European product.
Moreover, the advantages of European produce farmen in our neighboring country Poland is obvious when iot comes to CO2emissions caused in the logistic chain.

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Organic Psyllum and psyllium husk

We have been watching a constant rice in psyllium prices, which has been initiated by a poor crop result in early spring 2023. At the moment, the constantly strong global demand for psyllium is causing further rise in price levels. As many potentially available batches of psyllium are not conforming to analytical values required for European food and food supplement legislation, we recommend buying available batches of psyllium and psyllium husk with conform analyses and cover your long-term demand now.

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Organic Pulses Turkey

The lentil and chickpea harvest is currently going on in Turkey and as every year, this is the right moment to make long-term supplying agreements for the coming year. Our summer months are the time to get both attractive prices and to assure your security of supply by a frame contract. Ask for a proposal – our sales experts will be glad to submit our offer.

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